joey blue, LISW
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United States Snowlion Center School
A Four-Year Part-Time Training in Energy Work

Hands On Healing

Experiential Process Work


High Sense Perception

Soul Healing

Trauma Healing

Alternative Healing Modalities

The aim of Snowlion is to live human life as consciously and fully as possible, with a vibrant, vital body that supports our emotions and conscious choices, and is a grounded vessel for our spirituality.  Snowlion is a place for those who want to work as energy healers as well as for those who choose differently.  The Snowlion approach is a heart-centered, multi-dimensional healing process where physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being are treated as one inseparable whole.  Through a combination of lectures, experiential exercises and personal process work, our training is intended to provide foundational understanding in four essential areas:  Psychodynamics, Spirituality, Energy Work and Therapeutic-Hands On Healing Work.

joey blue and Karla Joy Demers are the Co-Directors and Teachers for the
United States Snowlion Center School.

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United States Snowlion Center School
P. O. Box 2645
Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico 87557  USA

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